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Since 1991, the Westfield Factory, in conjunction with the BARC, has run the Westfield Championship. The Championship runs on the BARC Club meeting weekends and are mostly double header meetings with two 20 minute races and  one qualifying session. This Championship has now been amalgamated with the Mazda MX5 Championship to form the BARC Open Sportscar Championship for 2011.

The championship is run to a controlled specification based on the lightweight SE race chassis and body, with only the standard Ford 1800cc or 2000cc Zetec engine used with twin carburettors, an ECU management system and Toyo control race tyres.

In 2010, MacG Racing driver Jonathan MacGregor entered the final two rounds of the Westfield Championship driving the MacG Racing Westfield Aerorace, taking two 2nd places. For a full race report, click here.

Drives will be available in the Westfield Championship rounds through 2011 using the Westfield Aerorace. If you think you are up to the challenge, and want to compete as part of a competitive team, look no further! A range of packages and options are available. Please contact us for more details.

For more information on the MacG Racing Westfield Aerorace, please click here.

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