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Days 18 and 19

After the excitement of the initial part of the 2010 season had passed, the Team had more time to focus its attentions on the Ultima GTR build. Through 2010 the Team had gradually moved away from certain decisions that had been made on the Ultima build, having learnt some valuable lessons through the course of the season. Whilst working on the final engine specification, and due to various reasons, the decision was made to move away from an American Speed sourced unit, and instead move across to a stock LS7 engine, which would then be prepared by a UK based engine tuner, which was yet to be identified. Several other decisions were made, which will be covered later, however the main decision was that the car should be now be built as a dedicated race car, with the aim of running competitively in the Britcar British Endurance Championship being the primary objective. This meant that some of the work previously done would have to be revisited, including the suspension, wheel, and brake specifications.

The move to a stock LS7 was driven through both price and performance. The Team felt that the stock GM ECU would be a hindrance in the future in a full race application, and instead the Team looked at various aftermarket ECU options. The decision that was finally taken, after much deliberating, was to use a Motec M800 ECU, with a custom wiring loom, and have ‘some’ engine work done by Knight Racing Services in the UK, who would put the package together with the Motec system and custom loom, which would by designed to fit in with the Team’s future development plan for the car. The Motec ECU is recognised as the leader in its field and the support available for the product is extensive. It is also previously a proven winner in the hands of Mosler and Aquila, so we would be in good company with this choice.

MacG Racing LS7

On the 26th November 2010, the call was made to the UK based engine supplier to source a crate LS7 for MacG Racing. This was sourced from GM in the US, and was sent directly to Knight Racing Services for race preparation.

In the meantime, the Team prepared the engine bay for the arrival of the engine. Since it was going to have its own stand alone custom loom, the majority of the existing loom was cleared out of the way. The coolant system swirl pots were temporarily fixed to the bulkhead, along with the fueling system components and air conditioning dryer unit. They were temporarily fixed since the engine would have a custom frontend and fuel system fitted, and so some of the bulkhead components would have to move from the standard positions.

The frontend of the car was also finished, with the brake fluid reservoir and the washer bottle assembly both being fitted as per the standard car.

MacG Racing Ultima GTR Build Diary

Whilst the engine bay was being prepared, other members of the Team prepared the splitter. This was fabricated from 9mm ply, and extended out from the front of the car further than the standard Ultima offering in order to provide extra downforce. The ply was clamped to the clam and marked up for cutting, using the front profile of the clam’s leading edge as a template for the splitter. This was then marked out and cut using a jigsaw with a fine blade to avoid splintering the wood. Mounting holes were then drilled in the corners of the splitter by the front wheel arches, and the splitter was clamped to the car so that the cutouts for the front wheels could be marked out accurately.

MacG Racing Ultima GTR Brake Duct

After much deliberating, it was decided that the front brake ducts should be mounted to the clam, and alloy tubes would initially be used to direct the air from the ducts to the brake components. This method was chosen (as opposed to fixing the ducts to the chassis) as the splitter was attached to the clam, and so would be removed along with the clam for frontend access etc.. This meant that the ducting would have to fit directly in the way of the clam being removed, which complicated the install significantly. It also meant that the ducts could be bonded directly to the clam which would be the strongest and simplest solution. The ducts were bonded to the clam after the front grills were fitted, and they were clamped in place whilst the resin dried. Prior to finishing, the splitter was then temporarily fitted to the clam to get an idea of its appearance on the car and the clam was lifted into place.

MacG Racing Ultima GTR Build Front


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