Meziere True Start 500 Series for Albins Transmissions


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Meziere starter motor designed for Albins transmissions

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  • The Meziere 500 Series starter motors are the latest development from Meziere. Designed for Albins transmissions.

    • High torque, gear reduction type starters
    • Billet construction
    • Proprietary drive system
    • High temperature resistance

    They contain all of the features you expect from Meziere including their proprietary drive, revolutionary pinion support and robust solenoid activation. In addition, they have simplified the gear reduction so that the shape and size are much closer to the smaller Hitachi based starters. This design rotates in the direction opposite as it is intended to mount from the transmission side of the ring gear. It fits many of the common off-road bell housings.

    Meziere starter motors are also well suited to large cubic inch and high compression engines as well as demanding, harsh environments such as racing, rally and offroad.

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