Geartronics Paddleshift System


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Geartronics Pneumatically Operated Paddleshift System

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  • The Geartronics paddleshift system, as used in the MacG Racing Taranis, gives the following benefits:

    Proven reliability - multiple 24-hour race winning system.

    Faster & more precise than manual shifting - clutchless up & down shifts typically 50-60mS or less, depending upon gearbox type & engine inertia etc.

    Significantly reduced gearbox dog wear compared to manual shift.

    Virtually constant power delivery to the driven wheels, reducing the risk of vehicle instability during shifts.

    Uses pneumatic (compressed air) actuation, as favoured by most professional race teams.

    Both hands can be kept on the steering wheel at all times, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of car control, leading to reduced lap/stage times.

    Allows you to shift up and down when you want, not when the conditions dictate.

    Eliminates downshift induced over-revs, and includes other sophisticated engine & gearbox protection strategies.

    Capable of up to 5 down-shifts in less than 1 second, leading to shorter braking distances.

    Optional automatic up-shift and 'stacked' down-shift pre-select modes. Note: the auto modes can be disabled in firmware for FIA or ACO events.

    Full track support and setup available if required.

    Features in detail:

    Virtually seamless full-throttle up-shifts and smooth clutchless auto-blipped down-shifts featuring a sophisticated 'anti-push' strategy. Capable of clutchless part-throttle or even full-throttle downshifts.

    Highly sophisticated GCU, featuring fully closed-loop control of the gear shift, engine torque reduction and throttle blip. Please note: This is NOT a timer based system,and all shift events are dynamically controlled, based on barrel position feedback.

    The GCU takes inputs from the following: gear position sensor, engine tachometer, throttle position sensor, clutch position sensor, pneumatic pressure sensor and paddle switches. All analogue inputs feature 10 bit resolution for greater accuracy. The professional 'GCU3' version includes 2 x 1-Mbit CANbus interfaces for connection to the latest generation of engine management systems, adding additional protection strategies by monitoring vehicle speed, wheel slip and gearbox temperature.

    Includes safety strategies to prevent the driver from performing potentially dangerous shifts, e.g. attempting a down-shift which would result in the engine exceeding its safe rpm limit. All features are included as standard and can be disabled in software if so desired.
    Intelligent closed-loop engine torque reduction either by digital interface to engine management system (preferred), or by direct connection to ignition coils.

    Full on-board data logging of the following: gear shift count (up & down into each gear), fastest & slowest up & down shift times into each gear, barrel overshoot or 'kick-back' count & measurement, barrel sensor error count, pneumatic pressure, compressor duty cycle & engine/gearbox runtime counter, declined downshift counter. All logged data can be exported in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Our professional GCU has up to 8Mb of on-board FLASH memory for real-time logging.

    System includes: 12v high-efficiency compressor, purpose designed accumulator, gearbox actuator, throttle blipper & valve assemblies as required, conventional twin paddle assembly or single 'rally' paddle, replacement gear position sensor (hall-effect) & fully programmable closed-loop GCU complete with our proprietary PC setup software, & comprehensive installation/setup instructions.

    Fully compatible with the Albins Transmissions we offer. Click here to see the paddleshift system in action.



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