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Hangar111 Logo


Time Attack Modifications and Development

Below is a list of modifications that have been made to the Lotus so far, some of which have are mandatory and some are performance modifications. All modifications have been designed to be reversable for road use due to insurance implications.
  • Lotus Sport stage 1 stainless steel sports exhaust system. Rated @ 96.9 dB(A).
  • Nitron NTR dampers fitted with Eibach springs
  • Carbone Lorraine RC6 pads
  • Hangar111 alloy belled discs (front)
  • EBC Turbogroove discs (rear)
  • Weight reduction
  • Uprated Hangar111 anti roll bar (ARB)
  • Hangar111 toe link and brace bar kit
  • Hangar111 harness and harness bar fitted
  • Fire extinguisher fitted

Hangar111 adjustable anti roll bar

The above image is of the new Hangar111 adjustable anti roll bar, before the remainder of the suspension was put back into place. The new ARB has a thicker wall section than standard and so has a greater torsional stiffness. It also has 5 different mounting points for the drop link, which changes the effective length of the bar, thus changing the stiffness. MacG Racing custom adjustable drop links connect the Hangar111 ARB to the lower wishbone.

Time Attack Exige interior

Above is an image of the Macg Racing Time Attack Exige's interior, with the harness bar, harness and hand held fire extinguisher fitted. The team opted for a hand held fire extinguisher over a plumbed in system since it met the minimum requirements and was far lighter and simpler than a plumbed in system. Below is an image of the geometry being checked and setup using the classic 'string box' technique.

Exige geometry setup

The MacG Racing diffuser was designed to be 50mm longer than standard and have 6 vanes instead of the usual 4. The vanes are slightly lower than standard in order to improve the effectiveness of the diffuser. Below is an image of the main panel of the diffuser being laid up. The main outline will then be cut out of this and the vanes (made individually) are then bonded to the diffuser. Alloy stiffening strips stiffen the diffuser laterally, whilst also allow a firm mounting point for heat shielding to protect the diffuser from the exhaust heat.

MacG Racing Time Attack Exige Diffuser 1

The pattern for the diffuser vanes on the cutting surface:

MacG Racing Time Attack Exige Diffuser 2

Below are the tasty Hangar111 alloy belled discs (on the right compared to the EBC Turbogrooves on the left) to fit to the front of the Exige. These, combined with the Carbone Lorraine RC6 pads provide some seriously aggressive braking! The first prototype of the new diffuser is shown in the next photo, with the original for comparison.

Hangar111 alloy belled discs

MacG Racing Exige Diffuser

The diffuser fitted on the car:

MacG Racing Time Attack Lotus Exige Diffuser


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