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The team took delivery of the Lotus Exige S2 in early December 2007. Originally a totally road focussed car, MacG Racing has developed the Lotus so that it will be suitable for use in the 2010 Time Attack Championship, which is an MSA recognised time trial event for highly modified street legal vehicles. Originating in Japan as a way of proving the relative performance of street-tuned cars, Time Attack is a spectacular form of motor sport in which highly-powered cars on road-legal tyres compete on regular motor sport circuits. This exciting new championship which started in the UK in 2005 has taken the motorsport world by storm, and is now part of the Modified Live roadshow. For more information, see

Above is a picture of the car on the day of purchase. With the average Time Attack car pumping out in excess of 500bhp and weighing in around 1350kg's, MacG Racing's aim was to enter the first round with basic modifications, then develop the Lotus Exige over the course of the season, and achieve success using their previous experience, engineering capabilities and attention to detail to develop a well setup, precise and agile race car by the end of 2010. For more information on the car's standard specification and development, continue to the following section.

The modifications made to the car improved the performance of the car significantly, and allowed MacG Racing driver Jonathan MacGregor to run competitively in the Club Class of the 2010 UK Time Attack Championship, despite having the least powerful car on the grid. You can find the full race reports here.

Below is an image of the car during the first stage of track preparation. Extensive work was carried out on the suspension and steering components to restore the car to original condition, as significant corrosion and degredation had taken it's toll. The fibreglass bodyshell and alloy chassis remained in excellent condition.

Time Attack Exige preparation


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