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- 2008 - 2009 -

South Yorkshire Kart Club Championship Rd 3, 10th May 2009

Race one saw MacGregor starting in 18th on the grid as the sun shone down onto a cool and slightly breezy track. MacG Racing got a good start and made up a couple of places down the main straight on lap one. Driving three abreast through the sweeper, another place was picked up and held through the complex. A slight gap had opened up after the bumping of lap one so MacGregor got his head down and started to close the gap, catching the 14th placed runner at the top hairpin. Gradually whittling away at the opposition throughout the action packed race, a solid 8th place was achieved - a good result.

Race two was a short and not so sweet affair. Starting 6th, MacGregor slotted nicely into 4th into the first corner, only for another kart to slide into the back of MacGregor at the apex, running over the back of the kart, then flicking the yellow machine into the air. Down the straight, it was clear from the heavy vibration that this contact had resulted in a bent back axle, and despite two karts in front contacting and spinning out spectacularly down the main straight on lap one, MacGregor lost a few places by the time they reach the top hairpin. Approaching the complex, the fourth and fifth runners collided and spun off the track, with the 6th place runner spinning in a mix of sympathy and panic, causing a chain reaction of collisions. Swerving to avoid the collision, the chain came off the MacG Racing machine due to the bent axle, and as the pile up grew in number with the track now blocked, the red flag was shown and the race halted. With a bent back axle and what soon became apparent to be a split rear rim, MacGregor was forced to retire – putting down any hopes of a decent grid in the final.

An impressive yet frantic display of pit work from the MacG Racing pit crew, which welcomed guest member Ben Farrett for the day, just managed to get all the damage repaired and down to the grid in time to make the race. Unfortunately not quick enough to make their official grid position of 8th, MacGregor was forced to start from 24th on the grid. A good first lap pushed MacGregor up into 14, and once again he chipped away at the opposition and came in 8th. Later inspection revealed that the back axle had been wandering in the bearing hangers slightly, causing some issues with drive and handling. With these rectified for the final, a grid spot of a lowly 13th required something special for the final.

From the lights MacGregor made a good start, leapfrogging up into 10th by the end of the first lap. The MacG Racing machine quickly got up into 7th by lap 5, and held position for 3 laps. By lap 8 however, it was clear that the kart was becoming slow down the straights, and MacGregor lost a position down the main straight. Holding onto 8th at the flag seemed an average result on a day when the karts handling was perfect, and initial pace seemed so promising. However a couple of issues were discovered upon tear down inspection of the engine and exhaust system, which alleviated some of the frustration as to the loss of power in the later stages of the race.


South Yorkshire Kart Club Championship Rd 1, 8th March 2009

A miserable day after a glorious practice day on the Saturday greeted the drivers to the First Round of the SYKC summer series. As the drivers signed on and went through scrutineering in the dry, the clouds started to come across just before the practice and indeed the heavens opened.

Heat 1

Starting 17th on the grid for Race 1, MacG Racing had every opportunity to make up as many places as possible in the gradually deteriorating conditions. The full field was on wets, with the track gradually becoming greasier due to the slow drizzle coming down. After a slow warm up lap, MacGregor suffered from a bit of bogging down off the line, losing a couple of places into the first corner, which were quickly made up at the top hairpin after a pileup of 3 karts in the mid pack.

MacGregor got his head down and quickly chased down the group in front, making short work of the first five karts, displaying impressive speed. As the race went on, MacG Racing quickly picked up places making up significant time over the leaders, coming in 8th at the flag, with the fastest lap of the race to boot.

Heat 2

MacGregor made a decent start from 4th on the grid in heat two, despite the atrocious conditions and near zero visibility, holding position down the back straight, but running wide at the top hairpin to avoid the 3rd place driver lost him a 3 places as he quickly found himself running out of track. MacGregor, clearly confident after his impressive performance in race one, quickly got back into fourth by the end of lap 2, gapping 5th place very quickly. On lap three however, the problems started. A bad misfire developed, and caused the kart to be limited to only 11,000 RPM, holding back MacGregor’s progress, though he was still holding onto the 3rd place driver. Lap five and the engine started to sound very chocked up, and MacGregor lost 5 places down the back straight as the kart reduced to a near walking pace.

With the MacG Racing driver limping badly, a huge stroke of luck happened when the red flags were shown half way round the lap after a heavy off on the final turn by one of the novice drivers (found to have cracked ribs later on). The clerk of the course announced a result at the end of lap 4, allowing MacGregor (who had totally stopped by this stage and could not make it round to the pit entrance) to claim fourth.

A tear down of the engine revealed the problem to be a totally saturated airbox, which was quickly resolved, with over a litre of water being drained from it!

Heat 3

Starting from 6th on the grid, MacGregor was obviously disappointed after an extremely hectic 3rd heat. Dropping to nearly last after a disastrous first lap, MacGregor gradually ate away at the drivers in front of him in an extremely untidy fashion. Eventually he came in 10th after making at least three excursions across curbs and onto the grass! A particularly battle scarred ad filthy kart sat in the pits after heat 3 looking like it needed a great deal of TLC to restore it to its condition it had been in 6 hours earlier!


With the weather gradually improving and the track drying, what MacG Racing thought to be an obvious choice of slick tyres being necessary proved to be somewhat ambiguous as they turned up to the grid and seeing that all but two other drivers were on wets.

Starting on 7th on the grid, MacGregor made a good start, avoiding the usual first corner melee due to the slippery conditions and found himself in fifth with a bit of a gap over 6th place after the top hairpin. However, on the first sweeper, MacGregor, frantically trying to catch up with the drivers using wet tyres in front of him, hit the damp white line on the entrance to the corner, causing him to slide right off the track onto the sodden grass, allowing the two other drivers on slicks to come past. A mistake which would prove to be costly later.

Having now got back onto the track, MacGregor was sat in 8th after his detour, and with the track drying he quickly got his head down. With the two drivers on slicks clearly faster than the drivers on wets, Macgregor caught up with the pack as the slick drivers fought to get past the drivers on wets. With the track being extremely greasy offline, it made overtaking very difficult, despite their obvious extra pace. Having caught up with the group reasonably quickly, MacG Racing took the drivers on wets in turn, but by now the two slick shod runners were running 1st and 2nd. MacGregor got held up for a few laps behind fifth place which lost him a lot of ground on 4th, and, having taken around 30 yards out of 3rd place on the final lap, MacGregor tried everything to get past on the last couple of corners. A very late apex out of the final hairpin allowed MacGregor to get the run up the inside of Charlie Watson (89) going into the final corner, but he took an early apex, and at the line Watson took MacGregor by just 0.02 of a second.



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