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- 2008 - 2009 -

South Yorkshire Kart Club Championship Rd 5, 13th July 2008

A bright sunny day greeted the drivers of the July round of the SYKC championship. MacG Racing had completed a thorough practice day the day before, and had found several problems with the Kart that had been rectified, so they were looking forward to a good days racing!

Heat 1

Starting 17th in heat one, there was plenty of opportunity to make up places from the start. Slipping to 18th off the line whilst avoiding the first corner melee, Jonathan MacGregor moved up to 15th by the end of the first lap. Some contact into the final bend slowed his progress, allowing a gap of 20 or so meters to build up between MacGregor and 14th. A couple of laps was spent closing the gap, and from there on in MacGregor made good steady progress to move up steadily to 11th by lap 6. A considerable gap of around 60 metres had opened up between 11th and 10th by this stage, and the gap didn't seem to come down significantly over the next two laps as MacGregor made a couple of unforced errors as he pushed to catch up. Stringing three good final laps together, the yellow MacG Racing machine was sat on the bumper of the 10th place man heading into the final bend, but unfortunately was not close enough to pass by the line. Resulting in 11th from 17th for heat 1.

Heat 2

Heat two had MacGregor starting in 7th. He dived for the inside at the first corner, taking two places, when the no. 72 kart who started in ninth rode up MacGregor's rear wheel, throwing the kart across the top of the Yellow kart, and driving straight over the left hand side of the machine and off into the distance - one way of overtaking! Despite this, MacGregor only slipped to eighth, but made up a place on the first lap. A reasonably quiet race, MacGregor made up positions on laps 2, 4 and 5 to end up in 4th until the final lap, when a silly mistake at the top hairpin allowed the 5th place runner to get a better drive out of the corner and overtake MacGregor into the complex on the final lap. A furious MacGregor finished 5th from 7th on the grid.

Heat 3

The final heat saw MacG Racing starting 5th on the grid. A reasonable start put MacGregor into 4th, but some tangling at the top hairpin dropped him to 6th. He quickly caught and passed the two in front, and trotted home in a solid 4th position. These reasonable heat results earned MacG Racing a steady 5th on the grid for the 15 lap final.


Some slight geometry change to the front end of the kart from the previous race (in which there was excessive hopping of the kart through the complex losing a large amount of time) left the team feeling confident that the handling and indeed karts performance would be sufficient for a strong finish to the day. From the start MacGregor held his fifth position, and again some tangling and nudging at the top hairpin left the yellow kart in 6th by the end of lap 1. MacGregor, who clearly liked the subtle setup changes to the kart, quickly closed in on the 5th place runner, and made short work of 4th place too. By lap 4 MacG Racing just started to get into a rhythm to haul in the front three slightly. However, the brake pedal was progressively getting longer due to new pads that were wearing quickly, but they still offered sufficient braking performance. Heading up to the hairpin on lap five, the engine seemed to cut out momentarily, losing MacGregor a place round the bend. Tucking in behind 4th place out of the hairpin, the MacG Racing machine followed 4th place down the next straight, and on turn in to the high speed right hander, the Engine totally seized, which caught out an unlucky number 59, as he piled into the back of the MacG Racing machine as he suddenly lost all speed mid corner. Both karts spun out, but obviously due to the engine failure the yellow machine was left to sit sadly at the side of the track. The impressive pace being quickly and ruthlessly taken away by a mechanical failure. Later inspection of the spark plug showed lots of melted aluminium on the inside of the cylinder, and further investigation found that the root cause was a lack of cooling fluid, which had clearly been rapidly lost from the system. An unfortunate (and expensive!) end to the day, which showed so much promise.


South Yorkshire Kart Club Championship Rd 3, 11th May 2008

11th May brought around the third round in the SYKC 2008 championship, with extremely hot and sunny conditions making things extremely tiring for the drivers.

Heat 1

A particularly poor piece of driving on the first lap of heat two brought MacG Racing’s heats to an abrupt end, as MacGregor was taken out of the race whilst lying third, with a heavy smash into the barrier, which ended up requiring a full rear end rebuild. This was only just completed by the team for the final, resulting in two heats being effectively missed.


Because of the days previous incident and the missed heats, MacG Racing started next to last on the grid, however the cooling weather and a 15 lap final would give MacGregor the chance to hopefully battle through to the front. The first lap resulted in four places being gained, and impressive early pace saw MacGregor quickly break into the top ten. The close racing at the front meant that everyone was bunched up, making it easier to pick people off one by one. MacGregor pulled up to seventh by lap ten, with some particularly impressive overtaking maneuvers, however a heavy smash by a competitor at the top end of the circuit into the concrete wall brought out the red flags.

The restart gave a five lap dash to the end, and with everyone bunched up, MacGregor was caught napping at the restart and lost a place into the first corner, frustrating considering how clear he was prior to the stoppage. The kart’s carburetion was not set to its optimum, and a small amount of time was being lost out of the slower corners, which lost the team a few yards out of each of the hairpins, making it difficult to be close enough to pass people on the following corners. Despite this, MacGregor kept up the pressure on the group in front, which was rewarded on the final lap when the two karts in front collided heavily, and MacGregor sneaked through to claim a sixth place. Once again a disappointing set of heats had provoked an impressive drive in the final.


South Yorkshire Kart Club Championship Rd 2, 13th April 2008

Due to irregularities with the team’s entry for the round, MacG Racing’s driver, Jonathan MacGregor, was forced to start at the back of the grid for the heats of the second round of the South Yorkshire Kart Club Championship. The weather was constantly changing between damp, drizzle and patchy rain, making tyre choice throughout the whole day very difficult, testing all the drivers’ skills (and luck!) to the utmost.

Heat 1

Starting each race in 17th made it necessary to make up as many places on the first lap as possible. The first race was damp, with some wetter patches, so the team fitted part worn wet tyres to the kart, and slightly geared down the kart from its dry setup, to give optimum gearing for the conditions. MacGregor had a cautious first corner, and made up three places straight away by avoiding the inevitable first corner incidents. Another couple of places were gained during the first lap, as MacGregor took advantage of yet more dramatics from a couple of the other drivers. Over the next two laps, impressive speed was shown taking a few more karts. The track began to dry slightly more, so speed was gradually picking up. By lap four, MacG Racing found themselves in 6th, then unfortunately lost their drive chain at the start of lap 5, ending the charge for that race.

Heat 2

Determined to make up for the DNF in heat 1, MacGregor was ready for a full on charge in heat 2. Deciding to run on new slicks on the drying track, a poor start was made as the kart understeered wide on the final corner of the rolling lap due to the tyres not being scrubbed in fully. However, the slight gap that was created worked to MacGregor’s advantage, as he got a clear run through the first corner again avoiding the contact, and taking a couple of drivers down the straight. Staying tight at the top hairpin, another 3 places were gained as yet more contact between other drivers occurred. Avoiding this lost the team some time, so a couple of laps was spent hauling in the opposition. Catching the small group in front after two laps, (in which the exhaust bracket had worked itself loose) MacGregor quickly dispensed with the drivers, and started to make progress on the two drivers in front. A ‘controversial’ overtaking manoeuvre (resulting in the first of two warning flags in this race) helped MacGregor past, but received a heavy impact a lap later from behind going into the top hairpin, losing two places. A short charge commenced, and wary that his exhaust was loose, MacGregor took advantage of the two scrapping drivers, and passed the first. A small gap opened up, however this was closed up, and the winner of heat one was suddenly under pressure. MacGregor shot up the inside at the complex after the sweeper, and a small amount of contact was made, with both karts running wide, however both continued with MacGregor in front. A second warning flag followed at the start finish line, but with a clear track and two laps to go, and currently running in 5th, all was good. However, the next lap revealed a mechanical warning flag for the loose exhaust, ending another MacG Racing charge. Words were received from the Clerk of the Course regarding the overtaking manoeuvres after the race.

Heat 3

The third race was another damp one. One driver chose slicks, and whilst struggling during the opening laps taking the wet line to overtake people, eventually romped to victory, lapping 2 seconds a lap quicker than the drivers running wet tyres in the later stages of the race. Meanwhile MacG Racing had another productive race, using aggressive but clean overtaking manoeuvres to pull through from a start position of 17th to finish fifth, a good result, but with 2 DNF’s, a last on the grid was inevitable in the final.


The final was slightly damp, but all the drivers opted for slicks. With the sun breaking through the clouds for the first time in the day, it seemed a good choice had been made. The start was typically manic, with a couple of bits of contact, allowing MacGregor to move up 3 places by the time they reached the hairpin at the top end. This time a change of tactic, running round the outside of the corner, yielded good results, pulling up two more places up the following straight. MacGregor took another kart into the complex after the sweeper, and knuckled down on catching those in front. Excellent progress was made over the next few laps, taking several karts with aggressive yet clean overtaking manoeuvres. Laps 5 to 8 in particular, MacG Racing showed impressive speed, taking a couple more competitors, whilst also closing in on the leaders. Quickly catching the kart in 5th, MacGregor started to drop off the pace slightly, which was due to the tyres overheating, he later revealed. This explained the early excellent pace. He continued to catch 5th place, whilst he himself was being caught. The three karts met almost in unison, and MacGregor took the lead of the three, running in 5th. A lap later, however, into the top hairpin, there was a slight nudge from behind, causing MacGregor to miss the apex, and the other two karts shot past. With 1.5 laps to go, MacG Racing was clearly on a charge, closely watching the two karts in front, whilst the threesome continued to catch the front group. MacGregor recovered sufficiently to be tucked up behind the two in front with half a lap to go, and the inevitable ‘do or die’ overtake manoeuvre was attempted by the 6th place runner. The two karts collided, and MacGregor took advantage, managing to take 6th as the karts crossed the line.

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