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As mentioned on the previous page, the bike is gradually being modified in order to improve both the aesthetics and the performance. All the work that is done on the bike is undertaken by the team, along with the servicing. The bike was relatively unused over 2007 due to other commitments, so a full service was required whichincluded all the regular checks (including checking bearings, lubrication, and filters etc) and also included replacement of cambelts, oil, fuel, and air filters, spark plugs, and all fluids. After the replacement of plugs and air filters, the bike ran so much smoother than it had done since it was purchased, improving the 'ridability' hugely.

  • The modifications carried out on the bike so far are shown below:
  • Dzus quick release fasteners on the fairings.
  • 748SPS Monoposto seat unit.
  • Pipercross air filters.
  • Smoked front screen.
  • Cobra alarm system fitted.
  • 50mm Carbon Termignoni exhaust system with matching EPROM chip.
  • Carbon fibre half clutch cover.
  • Carbon fibre exhaust heat shield.
  • Carbon fibre heel plates.
  • Stainless clutch springs fitted, along with numerous other fasteners.
  • Trickle charge adaptor fitted to battery.


Intended next modifications:

Fitment of Renthal quick release sprocket carrier and 40T rear sprocket, new chain and carbon swing arm guard.

Fitment of Power Commander 3



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