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A slightly damp start to the day meant that drivers going out for the early morning qualifying session had to be particularly wary of the slippery kerbs round the Rockingham track. Leaving the assembly area last out of the pack of Westfields making their way onto the track for the qualifying session, MacGregor took a couple of laps to get used to the car and the circuit, having only driven the car for around an hour previously.

UK Westfield Championship Grid

MacGregor quickly picked up the pace, allowing himself some breathing time between fast laps in order to avoid traffic spoiling his quick runs. MacGregor came into the pits feeling he had not really completed a clean lap without a mistake, however the time sheet showed a quickest time of 1:32.898, placing him 2nd fastest in the qualifying session.

Come the race, MacGregor lined up on the grid alongside Chris Davison, who was previously undefeated in the championship in 2010. As the lights went green, Davison shot away from the line, whilst MacGregor suffered from far too much wheel spin, dropping right back to as low as ninth by the entry to the second corner. MacGregor quickly recovered 3 places through turn two, making his way past Mark Pasquill, Harry Gordon-Finlayson and Chris Gould. After three more hard fought laps MacGregor had taken the rest of the pack, with some neat overtaking, however by this time Davison had pulled well clear of the pack, as MacGregor was held up by the traffic. MacGregor held the fastest lap of the race of 1:32.292 until Davison pipped him on the final lap with a 1:32.114. A slight off on the penultimate lap dropped MacGregor down from the 4 second gap to finish 11.2 seconds behind Davison.

MacGregor made a marginally better start in Race 2, dropping to 6th by the second corner. Once again, he spent the first 4 laps making his way through the traffic until he took Simon Pryke for 2nd, putting him around 5 seconds down of Davison who was once again in the lead. MacGregor fought hard, but some handling difficulties meant he just didn’t have enough pace to catch Davison, with the gap being maintained at 5 seconds, lap after lap. Whilst pushing hard, MacGregor locked up badly heading into turn 2 with 3 laps to go, running very wide and losing a lot of time to Davison, but thankfully he was sufficiently ahead of Pryke to maintain his 2nd place, which was held to the flag.

Please click below for a gallery of the event:

UK Westfield Championship - Rockingham 11-09-2010

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