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A cold, blustery but dry day welcomed the racers to Croft on the 25th September for the final rounds of the Scottish Sports and Saloon Car championships.


Heading out in qualifying, Jonathan MacGregor in the R888 shod Westfield spent the majority of the session re-familiarising himself with the track, having not driven at the circuit for the past few years. Avoiding a few spinners, MacGregor clocked up a time of 1:35.737, placing him first in class and 13th overall out of a grid of 26. His time also made him the fastest of the cars not running full slick tyres.

MacG Racing Westfield

Race 1

MacGregor learnt from his mistakes at Rockingham a fortnight before and made a good clean getaway, hugging the inside line down in to the first corner, where the first five runners had all made contact, leaving the rest of the 26 car grid to pick through the debris, gravel and tyre smoke. The first corner carnage had a knock on effect in the second corner too, where MacGregor lost a place having to take evasive action as the Mitsubishi Evo 7 of Jamie Bruce spun right in front of the MacG Racing Westfield. MacGregor recovered well over the next couple of laps, picking off David Bone in his Slick shod Westfield SeiW, as well as Ian Hepburn in his 4.8litre V8 Westfield Seight. MacGregor was then passed down the back straight by the Britcar Spec Honda Accord of Martyn Byford, as the pair homed in on Andy Robey in his BMW M3. Byford spent 3 laps trying to get past Robey, eventually making a move stick down the inside through the Jim Clark Esses. MacGregor then spent the next 2 laps pressurising Robey, and Robey eventually cracked under the pressure, locking up and spinning at the end of the back straight into Tower Bend.

A couple of the cars that had been caught up in the first corner carnage had started making progress through the field, most notably Colin Simpson in his Marcos Mantis. MacGregor, who was starting to have a lonely race as Byford’s Accord gradually opened up the gap could sense the Marcos getting closer, until the inevitable happened 2 laps from home, and the ferocious GT spec Marcos tore past MacGregor’s little Westfield down the start finish straight. MacGregor ended up winning his class and finishing 5th overall, again being the first non slick shod car home. MacGregor’s fastest laptime was 1:34.123, taking almost 1.7 seconds off his laptime from qualifying.

MacG Racing Westfield

Race 2

With the results from the first race deciding the grid for race 2, MacGregor had a considerable number of much higher specification cars behind him, due to the action at the first corner of race 1. Never the less, MacGregor made a near perfect getaway at the start of race two and leapfrogged Simpson’s Marcos and Byford’s Accord to run 3rd by the end of the first lap. However, once again Byford’s superior power showed down the back straight, as the Accord breezed past to take back 3rd position. MacGregor hung onto the back of the Accord, as a few of the faster cars who were tearing their way through the field from the back of the grid caught up with the pair, with firstly the Evo 7 of Jamie Bruce, then the Marcos of Colin Simpson, then the Porsche 996 GT3 of Fraser Robertson and Jeff Wilson’s 2.3 litre Lotus Elise (who eventually won the race) tore past the pair.

MacGregor hung onto the back of the Accord, as the pair caught up with Bruce’s Evo 7, who was suffering with excessive tyre wear. A mighty battle ensued for 4 laps between the three cars, with MacGregor diving inside the Accord at Sunny In, only for Byford to turn in on the Westfield (despite MacGregor having the line) resulting in Byford sustaining some significant damage to the back of his car. Things were only going to get worse for Byford, as Byford and Bruce lapped a backmarker through Clervaux, only for Byford to turn in too early and clip the front of the back marker, throwing the accord into the air and spinning him out of the race.

MacG Racing Westfield

MacGregor spent the next four laps taking lunges down the inside of Bruce’s Evo, but the Evo’s far higher power meant that MacGregor was having to take huge risks to get alongside the Mitsubishi under braking. On the final lap, MacGregor managed to lure Bruce into taking the inside line at the Hairpin, MacGregor cut tight to get the run on the Evo to the line, however the superior power of the Evo meant that Bruce was able to come from behind out of the corner and win the drag race to the line.

MacGregor ended up finishing first in class once again, and 8th overall. Fastest lap clocked as 1:33.574, taking another 0.7 seconds off his laptime.

Another great weekend for the Team, notching up some impressive results against some very high specification cars running on slicks.

Please click below for a gallery of the event.

SSSCC Croft 25-09-10

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