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An unexpectedly dry and sunny day welcomed the Teams to Snetterton for the 5th and final round of the 2010 Time Attack Championship. MacG Racing arrived at the circuit having had the coolant expansion tank split on the way to the track, so the morning was a hectic one as the team repaired the tank and purged the coolant system before the morning’s warmup.



MacGregor hit the track in the warmup and spent a few laps familiarising himself with the circuit and keeping an eye on the temperature gauge. He clocked a quickest time of 1:23.393, adapting to the circuit quickly. The coolant issue seemed to have been resolved by the team’s quick repair, so the Team made a few tweaks to the handling of the car before heading out for the practice session.

MacGregor pushed harder in the practice, however due to taking a different line through sears from the warmup session previously, he only managed a time of 1:23.505, as the line he was taking through Sears, although shorter, cost him ultimate speed heading down the back straight. The car was handling excellently, and although marginally quicker than the practice, MacGregor knew that there was a lot more to come from the car in the qualifying session.

MacG Racing Time Attack Lotus Exige Snetterton

The Team made no alterations to the car before the qualifying session, only topping up the coolant and tweaking tyre pressures as the day had become a lot warmer by the mid afternoon. MacGregor pushed hard, and positioned himself well to be able to get in a string of fast laps, each consecutively faster than the last. He clocked a time of 1:21.977, and although an edgy lap, this put him 8th in class and 21st out of 35 overall. A reasonable result given that the car had the lowest power and lowest power to weight ration in the competition – not ideal at the UK’s fastest circuit. On the way into the pits it became evident that pushing the car that hard had took its toll, with the temporary repair to the expansion tank finally giving up, causing the engine to overheat. Although MacGregor’s time put him through to the final, the Team decided to not risk damaging the car, and so retired from the event.

A good end to the year, with the time posted being quick enough for pole and a top three finish in the Elise Trophy, so not a bad result!

Please click below for a gallery of the event.

Time Attack @ Snetterton 10-10-10

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