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With track temperatures in excess of 45 degrees C and ambient temperature of over 30 degrees C, the 3rd round of the 2010 Time Attack Championship was always going to be tough on tyres, cars and drivers alike. MacG Racing went out in the warm up clocking a relatively conservative time of 58.83 seconds on the Indy circuit, as MacGregor got a feel for the car and the circuit.

Brands Hatch

As temperatures rose between the warmup and the practice session, a few tweeks to the tyre pressures and damping were made to the car before the practice. MacGregor tried to pick up the pace, but traffic and numerous yellow flag incidents made it possible to only get in one clear lap, which was a rather scruffy attempt at navigating the circuit. MacGregor clocked a time of 57.801 seconds on lap 10 of the 15 laps that were completed in the session. This left MacGregor 7th in class. As ever the speed trap figures were the telling story, with the no 77 MacG Racing Exige over 10mph slower through the speed trap than the quickest car in the Under 3 Litre NA class, and over 27mph down on the fastest club class car.

MacG Racing Lotus Exige Brands Hatch

With the 5th place Porsche of Gary Campbell clocking 56.004 seconds in Group A of club class, MacGregor was going to be hard pushed to make it through to the final. The no 77 machine went out and immediately started lapping at around 57.8 seconds, but a few laps in, MacGregor strted applying the pressure, and although was having a few traffic issues, started knocking off around 0.2 each lap, and despite a lap caught up in traffic, clocked 56.716 seconds on lap 5. MacGregor's charge was halted abrumptly as a Supercharged Mini Cooper hit the wall hard coming out of Cooper (ironically!), and the session was red flagged. The cars stacked up in the pitlane waiting over 20 minutes for the session to be restarted. MacGregor felt at this point that there was still a great deal to come from the car, and, given a clear lap, felt that he could hit the 55's. After a rather uncomfortable 'rest' in the pits whilst the Mini's debris was cleaned up, the cars went out for the last half of the session. MacGregor started pushing hard, but almost immediately the car's gearbox started overheating, with 4th gear refusing to engage. This lost MacGregor a lot of time going into Paddock hill bend, and effectively spoiled his chances of making the most of the second half of the session. The time of 56.716 seconds remained his best time of the session, finishing 7th in class.

Click the link below for a full gallery of photos from the event.

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