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MacG Racing arrived at Knockhill for round two having not previously been to the circuit. The day started off damp, but began brightening up just in time for the warm-up session. With the track still damp, the kerbs were extremely slippery, which caught a few people out during the first session causing a couple of yellow flags. As MacGregor got to know the circuit, times began to fall until he was sitting mid-group by the end of the session. Upon returning to the pits, MacGregor said 'there is a lot more to come from the car, I can take a lot more kerb than I am doing currently and I think if we get a few clean laps in we should be in good shape'. MacG Racing sat in 10th in group and 4th in class after the warm-up with a time of 1:01.69.


After making a couple of adjustments to the cars suspension geometry, MacGregor headed out for the practice session with his sights firmly set on a top three position by the end of the session. After being held up in traffic for a few laps, MacGregor started upping the pace, clocking a time of 1:00.18, temporarily going up to 2nd on the time sheets in the group. MacGregor began taking the kerbs harder and harder, until the car got so unsettled going through the John Weir Chicane that the car bounced round on landing and spun into the gravel. After recovering from the excursion, there was still time for some quick laps to be put in. Suddenly, coming out of the Carlube Corner, some blue smoke appeared from the right wheel arch, then a loud bang later and the car was engulfed in blue smoke. MacGregor limped slowly into the pits, which were just a corner away.

The Team spent a significant proportion of the next 3 hours cleaning up the 4 litres of oil that had escaped from the engine. After a thorough inspection, it emerged that the oil filter had become loose and the seal had failed, damaging the top of the filter. By this time the qualifying gates had closed, and MacG Racing had to forfeit the weekend. In all, a disppointing end to the weekend which started with so much promise. However, there were a few positives to take away from the event; the new stiffer springs had been a great success, as had the suspension geo that the Team had been running. Time to prepare thoroughly for the next round at Brands Hatch on Sunday June 27th.

Click the link below for a full gallery of photos from the event.

Time Attack @ Knockhill 16-05-10

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