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A remarkably warm and bright April’s day greeted the teams for the second round of the 2011 Britcar British Endurance Championship at Rockingham. MacG Racing arrived with high hopes for the event after the promising start to their 2011 campaign made at the first round at Silverstone 3 weeks before.

Jonathan MacGregor went out first in qualifying to complete a few installation laps on brand new tyres, handing over to Adam Wilcox to put in a fast time. The installation laps and driver change were completed without any issue, and Wilcox went out in the car. On his second flying lap the grub screw on the cam of the throttle body failed, leaving the car stuck at tickover, so that was the end of MacG Racing’s qualifying session, leaving them in a lowly 17th place on the grid.

MacG Racing Ultima GTR in the pits at Rockingham

The team fixed the issue and made some last minute adjustments to the car ready for the race. Wilcox went out first, quickly getting up to tenth place by lap 5. The MacG Racing Ultima made good fast progress up the field and reached 8th overall by lap 10. A few laps later, whilst gaining rapidly on 7th place a stone became lodged under the throttle pedal jamming the pedal open into the final turn. The hard braking that was necessary severely flat spotted the tyres, so Wilcox returned to the pits for a quick tyre and driver change. MacGregor jumped in the car, and reached turn 2 when a safety car was deployed. This allowed MacGregor to catch up with the rest of the field, and he took a couple of cars immediately from the off. However a lap later, a minor electrical fault on the car caused the fuelling system to fail, leaving the MacG Racing machine stranded by turn 2, signalling the end of their race.

MacG Racing Ultima GTR locks its front wheels...

A frustrating end to the weekend in which the Team arrived with such high hopes, however the Team have identified some development work required before the next race which will eliminate a number of issues that were experienced over weekend, therefore improving the reliability of the car for the next round.

Full timing analysis and results are available here.

Gallery courtesy of available here.


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