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Having completed no more than 20 laps on the practice day the previous day due to numerous red flags clashing with the Team's scheduled runs, MacG Racing driver Adam Wilcox went out first in qualifying to set a benchmark time for the team on the new Silverstone GP Arena circuit. The session was quickly halted due to oil all over the track, and times dropped by around 15 seconds almost immediately. The Azteca Mosler, British GT Viper and last years champions MJC Ferrari put in some fast times late in the session as the oil cleared to take the first 3 spots on the grid with Wilcox clocking MacG Racing’s quickest time of 2:09.889 on lap 10 of 11, being pipped by the MJC Ferrari in the final few minutes by 0.03 seconds.

MacG Racing Ultima GTR

Hitting the race Adam Wilcox went out first and made a great start, immediately jumping into 3rd as the MJC Ferrari had a poor start, and ran in 3rd comfortably behind the Azteca Mosler and the Viper. A safety car 30 minutes into the race allowed some tactical refuelling which MacG Racing took full advantage of, brimming the tanks with no driver change and heading back out. After the inevitable confusion of where everybody lay after the safety car, MacG Racing were running in 7th overall, but lapping around 4 seconds per lap quicker than the cars ahead, and quickly moved up to 2nd behind the Mosler as the British GT Viper pitted.

Wilcox brought the car in for the first scheduled stop at the 1hr 20 mark, after a second safety car and an impressively fast and consistent long first stint. Wilcox handed over to Jonny MacGregor who took the helm after a full refuel. The pitstop was longer than scheduled, as a suspected airlock had developed in the fuelling system from the previous stop. MacGregor took a few laps to familiarise himself with the car, having only done a handful of laps to date. Just as he crossed the start finish line, the car started to suffer fuel pickup issues, running out of fuel as the pitlane entrance loomed. The crew rushed to his rescue as MacGregor heroically pushed the car down the pitlane with the assistance of a marshal, and the crew refuelled the car with the maximum allowed 50 litres.

MacGregor headed out again, having dropped a few positions to 10th overall due to the long pitstop, and two laps into the stint the car suffered a gear selector issue, with the gate in the cabin failing. He brought the car in having great difficulty changing gear, and the Team spent 25 long minutes repairing the broken part.

MacGregor headed out again for the last 40 minutes, 16 laps behind the Ferrari 430 which was leading the race after leapfrogging the Mosler on fuelling strategy. MacG Racing lapped consistently and started making up for lost time, and pitted for a final refuel 20 minutes from the end. MacGregor setoff in the car once again, running in 22nd overall and having to make up over a minute on the car in front in class to get 3rd. MacGregor’s late charge turned some heads as he put in the second quickest lap of the race on 3 hour old tyres, and brought the car up to 14th place overall. The impressive pace also meant that the MacG Racing managed to take the points for 3rd in class.

Full timing analysis and results are available here.

Gallery to follow.



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